Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Canada After All!

Last March we announced on our blog the exciting news that we would be moving to Kenya. Scott had been offered a job in Nairobi, and Kathleen was looking forward to pursuing some exciting textile opportunities there. At the end of April, however, a stunning turn of events changed our plans. Twelve days before we were to fly to Nairobi, the Centers for Disease Control withheld the funding for Scott’s new job because of a freeze on travel and other budget pressures. Our “best laid plans” for moving to Africa were dashed, and we had to plot a new course.

We’ve been very happy with the new course we chose. We returned to our original plan of settling in Canada. After deliberating about whether to settle in Saskatoon, Calgary, or Edmonton, we decided to stay in Saskatoon, Kathleen’s home town.

An important factor in deciding to stay in Saskatoon was that Scott was offered a job at the University of Saskatchewan, which he accepted. His title is Health Research and Innovation Policy Officer, and he’s developing health research policies for the Saskatoon Health Region and the University. He’s also helping set up a new center for clinical research in Saskatoon. Scott’s enjoying his new job, and he really likes his boss and the other people he works with.

We’re particularly enjoying living close to Kathleen’s Mom, who turned 90 this year, as well as Kathleen’s brother, Grattan, his wife Barb, and their son, Casey, who all live in Saskatoon. We also get to see the various other nephews, nieces, and siblings who pass through Saskatoon from time to time. On top of it all, we’re delighting in the new and renewed friendships we’re making in Saskatoon.

This past summer we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Scott’s niece, Stephanie, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. We were happy to be able to share in Stephanie’s marriage to her new husband, Justin, as well as to be able to visit with Scott’s parents, his sister, Robin, her husband, Tom, and other friends and relatives, including Stephanie’s sister, Kim, who we hadn’t seen for far too many years.

Last month Kathleen returned to Laos and India for five weeks to continue seeking out fabric suppliers. You may recall that our plans to return to India were stopped short last winter when Kathleen broke her wrist in Kenya and had to return to Saskatoon for surgery. Her latest trip allowed her to complete the mission that she set out on when we started our travels over a year ago. Kathleen’s new blog,, describes some of her recent adventures.

It’s been an exciting year for us, with lots of adventures and changes. Not only do we value the experiences we had, but we also value the friends and family members who followed us on our journeys and gave us encouragement. We’d like to wish you all a very happy holiday season and best wishes for a happy and fruitful 2011.

With warmest regards,
Kathleen and Scott


  1. It sounds like Saskatoon is where you are both meant to be right now. Great that Kathleen can still take side trips overseas to get her business off the ground. Sounds like things are working out wonderfully and I wish you all the best for 2011!

  2. Hi Kathleen and Scott,

    I was one of your students when you taught at the Nairobi Vipassana course. Great to be following your blog now!

    Wait a minute: You guys and Katherine Jenkins know each other?!!